About Legacy

Legacy was birthed from a desire to connect people with a purpose bigger than their job title. We give people the opportunity to be investors who connect with fellow philanthropists, put their hands on life-changing global projects, and experience the world in a new way through unique travel opportunities.


Legacy provides unique travel opportunities and hands-on projects around the globe to connect people with a story that will outlast them. Through transparent financials and vetted partners, you can be comfortable and confident in the Legacy you create.


Supporters are those who either give towards a project or joins a Legacy trip. In addition to tax credit, we offer continual updates on how your investments are being used including photos, stories, and video.


Advocates are the Legacy Supporters who want to invest in our ongoing story. They have a say in planning upcoming trips, assist in vetting locations, and help define the future of Legacy Voyages and projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy Partners are traditionally non-profits Wonder Voyage has worked with for a number of years. They must have solid, consistent leadership and sustainable practices. All projects must promise tangible, long-term community impact and trackable financial transparency.

Once a Partner has been approved, our Director contacts them to develop projects that fit Legacy’s vision. All estimates are presented to our Advocate team for approval. A Wonder Voyage staffer then finds costs for the trip itself including. When the Advocate team agrees to the final trip cost, it is advertised on the website.

Our projects are as unique as the passions of our Advocates. We have built a school in Belize, built chicken coops and raised beds for a differently-abled home for adults in New Mexico, created a documentary to raise support for Water Is Basic, and educated people about the indentured slavery in India through both a film and assisting in a rebuilding project.

A Supporter is anyone who has gone on a Legacy Voyage or given towards a project. An Advocate is a Supporter who has worked with Legacy, shown a desire to commit to Legacy long-term, and wants to have a say in trips and projects.

Legacy Voyages believes in transparency. When you register for a trip, we clearly outline what money is going to the trip itself (room and board), the money that is a donation to the project, and an additional small percentage to cover administrative fees (office staff hours in planning the trip and bank fees).

What is included differs for each trip but is clearly defined within the cost breakdown for the trip you select.

Legacy is a branch of the Wonder Voyage family tree. While we maintain a separate accounting system, we fall under the same non-profit umbrella and utilize the same administrative staff. Wonder Voyage has worked with global partners for over two decades and have a stellar reputation. We have successfully utilized their connections and expertise to slingshot Legacy into world-changing projects in our first 5 years.

The heart of Legacy is to give 100% of your donation dollar straight to the project. While our Director volunteers her time, we pay the Wonder Voyage office staff for their time in planning the trip and pay for bank services like wire transfer fees. To maintain transparency, we clearly account for all money both on the pre-trip financial breakdown and the post-trip financial statement.

The idea for Legacy came from a couple within the Wonder Voyage community, Brent and Jamie Richardson. Brent is a Guide and board member who has gone on and lead trips for 17 years. Jamie has attended several Wonder Voyage trips. As Brent returned from pilgrimages and mission trips, he was armed with stories of needs and dreams around the globe, many of which they personally started supporting. It was Jamie’s desire to connect other philanthropically minded people with projects as well. Time and time again she was devastated by how much of a giver’s money would actually go to paying administrative costs rather than going to a project. Her vision was to create a non-profit where investors could look through a lot of vetted projects, choose one that fit their passions, and then travel there and gets their hands on the project. It was important to her that the money went to the project rather than to overhead. When she discussed the idea with Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small, he shared that there was a fund within the Wonder Voyage accounting system that was designed specifically for this; they just never had someone willing to take the ball and run with it. That front porch conversation birthed what is today Legacy Voyages.

Our goal is to grow the community of Supporters and Advocates, continue to vet partners and projects, and make a global impact. We would love to collaborate with businesses for donor matches, develop a network of donors who would cover overhead costs so that fee can be eliminated from the cost of the trip, and add to our Partner list to diversify our options for projects and trips.

What's Your Legacy?