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3-Steps to Joining A Legacy Voyage

You've heard about Legacy Voyages and you are intrigued. You want to know more about our unique travel opportunities where you can connect with people and purpose through life-changing global projects where communities are transformed and you experience the world in a new way. Our office will contact you to answer your questions and to let you know how to become a Legacy Partner on one of our future voyages.

You've chosen your upcoming Legacy Voyage, filled out an application, decided on your project partnership donation, and sent in your deposit. Over the next several weeks, we will help prepare you for the upcoming voyage through social media, email updates, and community connections.

You have joined a unique journey and you've tapped into a deeper sense of purpose in your life. Now you get to choose. Will Legacy be a one-time adventure that broadened your perspective, or do you want your journey to continue as a Legacy Advocate?

Upcoming Voyages

Continuing the Legacy in Belize