Legacy NYC – Reconnecting with why we serve

Legacy NYC- Reconnecting with why we serve

A couple of days after returning from the New York City Legacy Voyages trip, I awoke to a series of forwarded voice messages from my daughter (20). They were recordings from my dad, who passed away a little over two years ago. She refuses to delete them, and I can’t say that I blame her. They were simple messages he was famous for… “Just checking in to let you know I love you and was thinking about you.” His calls brightened people’s day, and listening to them now melts our hearts.

After he passed, I discovered countless people who’d received messages like this from him all the time. His interactions created a ripple effect that drove those near him to love others as he did. It has created its own legacy. I expect, in some ways, this is what drives me to what we do today.

What does leaving a Legacy really mean?

What does leaving a Legacy really mean?

As we close out our fifth legacy trip, I want to summarize and celebrate where we are…

  • The school in Belize just held its second graduation ceremony. They have a vision for the future we look forward to investing in again.
  • The X-ray machine in Honduras has turned into a full radiology wing that is saving lives on a daily basis.
  • The renovations in New Orleans have provided a way for multiple volunteers to come through and serve the community.
  • Ndoto was so overwhelmed both by the computers and the vans they have asked us to return in the near future to see the progress the school has made.

Legacy Voyages NYC

When we were serving at Father’s Heart in New York earlier this month, people asked questions and were drawn to the simplicity of what we offer: people serving people. This community is unlike anything I have experienced or heard of, and I cannot wait to see where we go from here. Speaking of what’s next, Antonio is leading a Legacy team to Honduras in November (I can’t wait). We will lead simple business-related classes for entrepreneurs. Space is still available if you want to join us.

Thank you for making the inkling of a dream become a living legacy.