Building a Legacy in Honduras

Building a Legacy in Honduras

Legacy Voyages is the branch of Wonder Voyage that connects philanthropically-minded people with worthwhile projects around the globe. The idea was birthed from a front porch conversation between Brent and Jamie Richardson and Shawn and Cheryl Small several years ago. The idea was simple: what if we could connect people who want to give to projects we’ve thoroughly vetted and then take them there to see their impact and have a true Wonder Voyage experience?

Since then, the community has built a kitchen, boarding room, and school in Belize; remodeled a bunkhouse in New Orleans; and has recently bought much-needed medical equipment for a clinic in Honduras.

Wonder Voyage has worked with Colaboradores Con Dios (CCD) in Comayagua, Honduras for over 15 years. In that time, we learned that the doctors were working without basic equipment like x-rays and ultrasounds.

Legacy raised over $15,000 to finalize the purchase of the clinic’s new x-ray machine and was instrumental in helping them receive several other donations of medical equipment including an ultrasound. A team of donors then traveled to the clinic to see their work first-hand.

It impressed me to see how someone can not only overcome but also help others overcome against so many odds.

While at the clinic, Dr. Michael Damiano, a member of the Legacy community, was able to see and treat over 40 patients while other teammates interacted with the kids of the village.

This was the first team of Americans the village had seen since the pandemic hit. They were welcoming and excited to see that the world is starting to move again.

Playing ball with the kids.For Legacy Advocate Kalyan Cherukuri, visiting the children at the handicapped school, CasAyuda, was the most meaningful part of the experience.

“The person who runs the school had been written off when she had a fluke childhood accident, but she didn’t give up. She not only fought the norm, but she also showed everyone that God’s will is to bring them all together and help each other,” Kalyan said. “It impressed me to see how someone can not only overcome but also help others overcome against so many odds.  She drove it all by herself for the first 10 years. Now, she is driven by how much more she can do.

For the adventure portion of the trip, the team visited the historic community of Copan Ruinas. Situated in western Honduras near the border with Guatemala, Copan is a World Heritage location known for a vast Mayan archaeological site.

Legacy team at ruins.On the first day, the team drove through a winding mountain road to the Luna Jaguar Hot Springs.  The second day in Copan included a visit to the ruins as well as time to wander and shop in the quaint mountain town.

Between COVID challenges and a family emergency, two Legacy team members had to miss the trip, but the team welcomed two first-time members on the journey: Richard and Catherine Ray.

“The trip met and exceeded our expectations,” the Rays said. “We felt very much at home with like-minded people who share a passion for serving and a love of travel. The organization is unique in that every member shares a desire to give from their abundance.”

Up next for the Legacy team will be a trip to Kenya in November. If you would like to know more about that trip or Legacy in general, contact us!